Official launch network series "Ildsjeler"

Ildssjel Foto: DNT ung Oslo

DNT ung Oslo are proud to present: "Ildsjeler" - our volunteers, on the 4th of January.

There are so many great things we can say about our volunteers. 
They are the core of our organization.
They carry us through all year round with their excitement and valuable contributions.
We basically need them in order to exist. 
They are our driving force.
They make us in DNT ung Oslo PROUD to have them on our team!

We love our volunteers so much that we wanted the whole world to see how awesome they are! So we made a network series called "Ildsjeler" (the driving force)!

Every first Friday of each month in 2018, we will launch 1 episode. In each episode we tell you a short personal story about one of our volunteers.

We want to celebrate 2018 with our members & volunteers with a preview of the first episode of "Ildsjeler" - who will be no other than boulderer/climber-Dennis Nilsson

17:00 - Doors open / mingle and welcome
18:00 - Showtime!
18:15 - Q & A with Dennis
19:00 - The end... for now...!

Join us for an exciting launch at Friluftshuset on Thursday 4th January 2018. See you there!

Skrevet av Siri G. Bekkhus 1. januar 2018